Europa Teatri

Europa Teatri is a place for experimenting with languages pertinent to the scene in which theatrical practice and poetic research find their possible world; its members work not only for theatrical and dance productions and reviews, but also in the field of theatrical pedagogy, organizing and conducting seminars and workshops for different age groups.

The experience of the company is mainly based on recognizing theatrical language as a place where research, effort, energy and knowledge come together to give shape and make visible what would otherwise remain invisible and secret; the space is transformed into a symbolic place rather than a real one, built on the impulse of a need even before the materiality of the project.

The practice of the stage requires education in the gaze, in the profound reading of its internal codes, already complex in itself compared to the various languages of contemporary theater. Also in the pedagogical proposal Europa Teatri reveals its continuity of a path started several years ago in the constant and always renewed interest in the transmission of theatrical knowledge.

Type of activity:

Drama theater productions

Dance Theater boys


Prose / Dance / Music / Theater for children



Rooms equipped for conferences (3 rooms)

Europa Teatri

via Oradour, 14, Parma, Italy, 43123

Tel: 0521 243377