Life On Saturn benefits from a wide range of activities and services.

Thanks to its collaborations it manages to offer an eclectic and highly specialized service to those looking for support in the show business. 

Activities and Services

Promotion and management of freelance musicians, with the aim of being a reference point for emerging artists, throughout the constant research of new methodologies of analytic development for digital promotion. From this comes the match with the training sector, which is fundamental to offer a theoretical and methodological approach to the artists and an increasingly complete support in order to make the management and realization of one’s projects progressively more autonomous. 

Management and artistic direction of music locations such as the Industry Music Campus of Parma (one of the most prestigious live clubs in Italy, which throughout the years has obtained the most important national and international awards thanks to a first order art poster and to the organization of live musical concerts/ disco), rental and management of stages, rooms for the preparation of musical artists’ tours, test rooms provided with the necessary equipment, organizational support for CMP music schools, audio/ light Service (with or without operators), rental of buildings, stage planning and installations, food & beverage catering services and artists’ intermediation. 

Musical production suited for any genre, thanks to the use of wide and acoustically versatile spaces. Regardless of whether it is hard rock, classical music or jazz, the support we offer is always efficient. Technological and instrumental support to the musical creativity that ranges from the possibility to explore the history of musical production to the most actual experimentation. We side the most authentic vintage pieces, the same used for the classics of The Beatles, Queen, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others, to the most recent digital devices available on the market, the Steinway grand piano lives together with an old and deliciously untuned upright piano.    

Production and consulting for artists, managers, booking agents and many more for the realization of live performances; coordination, accounting and tour management, training of the technical staff with the best experts of the sector and the best technical material currently available, management of permits, logistics, relations with the institutions and legal consulting

Communication and marketing (Brand identity, coordinated image building, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Advertising, Illustration, stand installation, Photography, Packaging Design, Web Design, Web app, SEO, SEM, E-Commerce) to provide full support to the promotion and dissemination of any artistic and cultural projects, to make services available and to develop new strategies for growth, planned around a Brand Purpose, to give support to the realization of an integrated communication in an innovative and efficient way.

Design and realization of audio-visual and photographic products and interactive medias: planning, production, video making, video editing, compositing, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, graphic design, virtual reality, augmented reality, set design and sound design; to offer a new way of communicating by means of innovative forms of storytelling, redefining the concept of user experience through projects of digital signage. We write and plan for the audio-visuals, from the pre-production to the post-production, including the production stage: location scouting, casting, lighting set ups, video and audio shooting, using the best film shooting technologies, working with proper troupes at any level of production requirement: from run and gun shooting to complex film productions; we also provide different animation techniques: we draw characters, we produce puppets, we realize digital backgrounds and we build sets and rigs. 

Planning and realization of museum layouts, public spaces, company and commercial spaces, permanetnt or temporary and any other situations where integration and interaction between the physical and the virtual worlds are required. We design experiences through a holistic process, from the union of visual communication, architecture and multimedia programming, combining knowledge and experience in different but interconnected sectors, to realize projects, merging people with technology and through technology itself. In particular: Multimedia Design, Exhibition Design, Interaction Design, Corporate and Brand Experience, Smart Places cities, Brando Experience, Retail, Immersive, Interactive, Emotional, Loominal.

Organization and production of cultural and promotional events: festival and events related to cinema, dance, theatre, support and organization of projects for cultural promotion, revitalization of abandoned and marginal places in support of local APSs, production and organization of charity events, themed markets, leisure activities for specific targets and spaces.