Life On Saturn is part of Become Yourself Network. Become Yourself Network was created to generate concrete opportunities for self-realization for European citizens. Helping individuals to clear the field of the numerous interferences that, in the course of life, push them to chase unattainable models, impregnated with the expectations of others or of society. The Become Yourself Project results from three parallel worlds (COM2, Divieni Chi Sei and Life On Saturn) coming together and finding their natural expansion. They recognized in self-realization the key and indispensable dimension for a healthy society. Life On Saturn has been able to see, in the field experience, the self-realizing function of art. Then, artistic expression is seen as a tool for self-expansion and self-realization. This is why Life On Saturn participates together with COM2 and DCS in the creation of the ambitious Become Yourself Network, contributing with its skills and experience in the field of expressive arts.


Life on Saturn is a non-profit association operating in the field of culture, arts and show business. 

LOS was born from the meeting of two musician friends, extremely passionate about music, who, after several years of experience in different areas of this sector, met up again and decided to create a community of “Music through pictures”, as a support to those willing to work in the field. After creating a number of music tracks, some of which reaching high results (adopted by Mediaset, Rai, Short films and Feature films), they have decided to enlarge their activity and turn it into a real support network for the whole show business, placing art and creativity at the centre and opening the doors to whoever shared its values and objectives. 

Despite the difficulties related to the Covid-19 situation, collaborations have increased in the last two years and Life on Saturn has further expanded its possibilities, also creating partnerships with companies and associations that operate in the fields of video-making, new medias and communication, with the aim of creating a big pool able to deliver all-round competences and know-how to artists and operators in the show business and in all areas of culture.   



Life On Saturn aims at spreading the culture of music, art and creativity in all its forms and promoting initiatives on animation and education, meant to develop the artistic knowledge among citizens, organize manifestations and participate in promotional events. Life On Saturn also strives for creating an art and music school, especially targeting the youngest, to disclose the knowledge of music in general and to create gathering moments. Nevertheless, Life On Saturn aspires to sensibilize the public to the world of music throughout events, live shows, festivals and cultural manifestations of different kinds.



“Saturn is a hard planet, connected to our personal evolution and it moves acting on us so that, every time it stimulates us, we are led to cease something as it is to change it into something different.” The reference to Saturn is connected to the concept of vision, the cornerstone of the entire activity of Life on Saturn, of art conceived in its broadest meaning as an engine, a tool able to bring people elsewhere, to merge ideas and creativity into a constantly evolving vortex, a push to realize always new projects to indulge the creative feeling.